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Place to visit in São Miguel Island - Must Go

The island of são miguel also known as green island, due to its natural beauty and landscape perdominatemente green, has with of course many places to visit between them here we leave our personalized list of places that is even obligatory to visit, we will not put by order of preference, since all must be seen.

A big lagoon slipt on two (a green and a blue one) in the interior of a crater with 12 km of perimeter.

A viewpoint surrounded by several lagoons, outstanding the lagoons of Sete Cidades, Santiago e Rasa.

On the way of going to Sete Cidades you can stop on the road, and see this spot overlooking the island’s centre and the sea.

Fajã de Baixo is the home land of the Pineapple plantations, where the famous Azorean pineapple is grown.

One of the most famous lagoons in the Azores, because of is beauty and surronding upstending nature.

Located on the way go to Lagoa do Fogo, has a natural small lake with is natural warm water, great to a pleasant bath.

Famous by having a small group of fumaroles and pleaces were you can cook on is hot ground, natural vapor food, can be make there.

Its one of the unique places on europe where tea grows and has it´s on factory that produce azorean tean, can visit and try the best tea on the world.

A small and very nice valley village with fumaroles, hot water, and medicinal mud and water, great parks and places to eat, and the most beutifull hotels of Azores, Terra Nostra Hotel, is integrated in the most beutifull natural garden of Azores.

It´s another iconique places to must visit, where is the lagoon and a place on the food is made on the hot ground, bigger than Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande.

Located on the center of Furnas, has small pools with natural warm water, great to a pleasant bath.

This is a small village between Furnas Valley and the Sea, where you can go to a beach, were is some hot spots on the sand, and great water, there is some excelente fish restaurant.


Restaurants in São Miguel Island - Must Go

In the Island of São Miguel, there is some local restaurants with unique quality and that you can have a meal of fresh fish or the great meat from the cows from Azores, below is a tip list from our team, recomended to "Must Go", and the main key on Azores Food, is Quality for not expensive charges, just select if you want meat of fish:

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